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How to Teach the Quran or Arabic to your child in an easy way

Do you want to know how to teach the Quran and Arabic alphabet to your kid without hiring any professional abroad or anywhere? If yes, then this article is surely for you. The process of learning Arabic is very simple, and I will tell you in this article how you can teach your child in your own home as I did with my 5-year-old son. It does not require any professional to teach.

What is the best age to learn Quran or Arabic?

Let’s discuss first, the age of the kid most of the parents wonder about. At what age should your child begin to learn the Arabic alphabet?

The answer to this question is that it depends on the child. Some kids start responding to letters as early as 3 while others need to be older.

These days many parents usually start introducing letters around 4 years of age. Now I will also suggest the age of the child as well.

Step 1: Print letter on Paper

At this stage, kids want to do different things like touch and hold tangible objects. Therefore, we suggest you print out the letters on large paper and then cut out them individually.

Here are some examples:

Arabic letter cut out

For your ease, I prepared a PDF so you can download this file and then print them out.

Step 2: Introduction to Letters

After you cut them into a single letter, start introducing one letter a week to your child. Show it to them and repeat it again and again and make them repeat by-self back to you. Just give them a few minutes a day not more than this.

One of the suggestions, for my side, is to print a letter on paper and ask your child to color it. This will help with retention. You can download this color sheet form here

Step 3: Test them by showing a letter

You must test your child every 2 to 3 days by showing them letters randomly. If they hesitate or forget the letter, you need to work a little more on that particular letter.

  • Bring out all of the cutout letters that they have already learned
  • Spread them out on the floor
  • Either ask the child to identify the letters on their own or randomly pick one and ask the child to identify it
  • If the child is able to identify a letter correctly, then remove that letter from the floor and put it on the side
  • If the child is unable to identify a letter or does it incorrectly, then this means that this is his/her weak letter and you need to repeat step 2 for that letter.

After all this process you will learn how to teach Quran to your child easily best of luck from our team. we will upload more article like this in the future.

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