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What are the Importance and Benefits of Tahajjud Prayer?

Tahajjud Prayer can be challenging for Muslims because we have to wake up at midnight for offering this prayer. But it has a lot of benefits.  

The tahajud or night prayer (qiyamul laili) is additional worship that the Prophet never gave up. Whoever routinely prays the tahajud Allah prayer; he will lighten all his affairs, his life, keep away from the Pain, difficulties, and hardships of life and bless his life. The Tahajud prayer takes place in the last third of the night which is when other humans sleep in silence. This prayer includes the Sunnah prayer considering the many benefits that we can feel.

And at night get up from sleep to pray with him (as) additional for you; it may be that I elevate you to your Lord to a position worthy of praise. (Al-Isra 17:79)

Here are some benefits when we do the tahajud prayer.

Become Humble:

Allah SWT states that people who pray tahajjud will always have a humble and friendly nature. The serenity that reflects the tranquility of the soul when living daily life in society will make us humble.

Maintain health:

Without a doubt, Tahajjud prayer becomes the best treatment therapy for various diseases. Therefore, people who become familiar with Tahajjud will have an immune system that will not be susceptible to disease.

Keep the good looks or beauty:

Every human being should desire good looks or beauty in him/her. Through Tahajud prayer therapy, a person can achieve what they want without spending a penny. The guarantees of good appearance or beauty that result from the Tahajud prayer are not limited to the appearance of birth. It can also produce inner beauty.

Accelerate the achievement of goals and a sense of security:

Besides the efforts (ikhtiar), we need to do the Tahajud prayer because the prayer that accompanies Tahajud will be granted by Allah. Allah will give us the goals we want and the feeling of security to make our life easier.

Eliminate laziness and lust:

Tahajud prayer is a powerful way to eliminate laziness and lust. Doing it at night will make us more prepared to receive tomorrow. The greatest enemy of man is lust. Implementing the tahajud sentence can be a bit cumbersome for some people because it looks at work time in the hours when we generally fall asleep. The temptation to go to bed is certainly very great at that time. Therefore, the person who wakes up from his dream to perform the tahajud prayer means that he has managed to resist the temptation in him to worship Allah SWT.

Gain relief in the afterlife:

Another virtue of the tahajud prayer is the resignation of the last day. Each person must have a record of sins and rewards that will be accepted in the afterlife If the record of your deed any more, without a doubt the heavenly place. However, if on the contrary, of course, hell is the right place.

Become closer to Allah:

The benefit of tahajud prayer is getting closer to Allah SWT.

There are Many Other Benefits of tahajjud prayer.

Tahajud prayer

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